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Get Anywhere,
Fix Anything

Up Elevators,
Down Laneways

We travel by scooter, bicycle, van and ute to anywhere in Melbourne’s CBD or it’s surrounding inner suburbs.

Whether you work on the 20th floor or live in a terrace, apartment, or house, we can do any odd job, and fix almost anything, quickly and reliably. 

It’s an honest-to-goodness, high-quality, handyman service.

Fast Response Time

Submit your request and get our up-front professional handyman
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Fully Insured

City Handyman has $20 million public liability and work cover insurance policies in place.


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A hole in the wall that needs a patch and paint or a sticky door that just won’t close

It doesn’t matter if you’re in an apartment, townhouse or terrace, if it’s a handyman’s job, we can do it. 

We can even install light globes, assemble flat-pack furniture, or hang pictures and mirrors. 

Small, seemingly insignificant odd jobs are encouraged. 

And if you’ve got a long-list of odd jobs, don’t fret, we like those too.



A new partition wall or a whiteboard in the boardroom

Whether you work in an office, bar, restaurant, shop, studio or clinic, if it’s a handyman’s job, we can do it. 

We can even help move furniture, assemble a desk or patch and paint a wall.

Our handymen are very handy at fitting into your schedule, so you don’t have to wait around all day.

Services Summary

Services offered by City Handyman are broad in nature and range across multiple disciplines. 

Some services overlap the Residential, Commercial & Real Estate sectors and others are specific to a sector. 

Below is a clickable introduction list to our offerings. 

More details and expanded lists can be found on our Services page >


Real Estate Agency Handyman
Office Handyman
Corporate Handyman
Hospitality Handyman
Retail Handyman
Cafe Handyman

See the full Commercial & Real Estate list on our services page >

Minor Carpentry and Woodwork
Carpentry Odd-Jobs
Minor Timber Replacement
Non-Structural Partition Walls
drawer repairs (fronts/slides)
Basic Stud Walls and timber frames

See the full Carpentry & Cabinetry list on our services page >

Interior Painting
Exterior Painting
Refresh Painting
Colour Matching
Patch & Paint
Patch & Paint Walls

See the full Patching & Painting list on our services page >

Furniture Assembly (Ikea, Freedom, Ebay etc)
Flat Pack Furniture Installation
Flat Pack Assembly
Flat pack Shelving & Cabinet installation
Wardrobe, Bed, Drawers & Dressers Assembly
Tables, Chairs, Desks & Shelves Assembly

See the full Furniture Assembly list on our services page >

Basic Door repairs
Minor Repair of Trims and Doors
Door Repairs & Adjustments
Patching Holes & Damage to Doors
Fix Dragging, Creaking or Sticky Doors
Basic Sliding Door Repairs

See the full Doors & Windows list on our services page >

Filling Joints, Cracks and Gaps in Walls and Ceilings
Gap Filling
No More Gaps
Caulking repairs and rejuvenation
Silicon & Sealants
Minor Tiling for full re-timilg, see FAQ’s)

See the full Tiles & Caulking list on our services page >

Home Maintenance
Home Repairs
Odd Jobs
To-Do Lists
General Property Maintenance
Household Repairs

See the full General Handyman list on our services page >

Minor Weatherboard Repair & Replacement
Minor Decking Repairs
Minor Fence Repairs
Minor Paling and Rail Repairs
Gate Adjustments and Repairs
Exterior Latches and Hinges

See the full Exterior Repairs list on our services page >

A combination of multiple tasks from the above categories. For further information on services offered by City Handyman, head to our Services page > 

Services Not Offered by City Handyman

Our tagline states ‘Get Anywhere, Fix Anything’, but we do need to advise that whilst there are so many things that we can offer, there are of course, things that we are legally not able to do. 

We also understand that there are certain things that are best handled by specialist trades, working in dedicated fields. 

Some of these include the below, and more detail can be found on our Services page >

We are unable to assist with minor/major structural building works as we are not a registered building practitioner. Should you require work of this nature, we would suggest you discuss with a combination of your local council, an architect, engineer, or surveyor. 

Plumbing Works
Toilet & Cistern Installation & Repairs
Tap & Washer Installation & Repairs
Hot Water Unit Repair & Maintenance

See the full list on our services page >

Light Switch Repair or Replacement
GPO / Powerpoint Repair or Replacement
Hard-Wired Light Fitting Changeovers
Circuit Breaker Works

See the full list on our services page >

Sub-floor Structural Building Work
Stair Construction
Major Flooring Repairs
Carpet Installation

See the full list on our services page > 

Internal Lock Mechanism Repairs
Lock Barrel Repairs or Replacements
Key Cutting
Automotive Locksmith Work

See the full list on our services page >

Automated Door Installation & Repairs
Large Shopfront Door & Glass Installations & Maintenance
Large Pivot Door Installation & Maintenance
Elevator Installation & Maintenance

See the full list on our services page >

Fire Door Replacements
Fire Services Works
Fire Sprinkler Works
Fire Hydrant Works

See the full list on our services page >

Major Building & Construction
Full Room/Property Re-plastering
Full Room/Property Tiling/Re-tiling
Wet Area Waterproofing

See the full list on our services page >