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About Us

Our Tools & Materials

We carry on-board a standard kit of tools and materials to carry-out most day-to-day handyman work. This includes a combination of cordless and power tools, hand tools, general painting equipment, and everyday materials and consumables for the common work that we do. When the need arises, we have a wide array of other less frequently used tools available for use and we can purchase any job specific materials as required in order to complete your job or project.

Our vehicles

Some Handymen don’t come into the City but we do! We can get anywhere in the Melbourne CBD, and can transport the tools and materials for the job. We typically use utes and vans for most jobs but can also provide services by bike or scooter for certain small jobs. Whatever the job, we’ve got the stuff to be punctual and respond to your needs.

Our People

The handymen of City Handyman are not only handy, but friendly, experienced and good communicators. We’re passionate about all things handyman (we love making trips to Bunnings—and not just for the sausages) and we take pride in being a local business, not a franchise. Which means we’re dedicated to providing the best, most honest, service possible to Melbournians.

Insurance & OH&S

We’ve got a Workcover policy, $20 million public liability insurance policy and we adhere to safety standards. We’re serious about safety.

Reviews & Testimonials

You can read feedback, or leave some yourself on Facebook, Google or Truelocal.

Lets get started!