The City Handyman Painting Division

The City Handyman painting division is a professional painting team that specialize in providing painting services for residential, commercial, or real estate sector properties. 

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They have the skills, knowledge, and experience in preparing surfaces for painting, selecting appropriate paints and tools, and applying paint to achieve the desired result. 

The team are responsible for preparing work areas, surface preparation, cleaning where required, patching and gap filling, priming and under-cooating, painting surfaces, multi-coat finishes, communicating with clients, managing the painting job, whether small or large, from start through to completion, and importantly, ensuring that the work is completed within budget and on time. All members of this team have gained experience in the painting field and have high efficiency and strong attention to detail. Has ability to undertake all aspects of painting from.


Important points to note about this division are as follows:

  • This division is for Painting related work only ( is limited to Painting services eg. Patching, Gap Filling, Painting etc)
  • The team carry general painting related tools and consumables on-board.
  • The team can carry out digital colour matching as part of the service
  • Painting division team members may not have the same skill-set and onboard Tools & Materials as team members from other Divisions (Eg. Handyman Pro).

Below is a comprehensive list of the majority of what we are able to assist with:

Interior/ Exterior Painting

  • Interior Painting 
  • Exterior Painting
  • Refresh Painting
  • Colour Matching
  • Paint a wall
  • Paint a door
  • Paint a room
  • Paint an office space
  • Paint a house
  • Paint an apartment
  • Painting trims and doors
  • Paint a commercial space

Patch & Painting

  • Patch & Paint
  • Patch & Paint Walls
  • Patch & Paint Ceilings
  • Patch & Paint a Door
  • Minor mould removal and painting
  • Water damage plaster repairs and painting
  • Touch up painting of scuffs and marks
  • Minor Plastering
  • Plaster Patching & Repairs
  • Patch a Hole in a Wall
  • Patch a Hole in a Door
  • Patch a Hole in the Ceiling
  • Crack and Gap Filling
  • Plastering and plasterboard repairs
  • Patching of holes in walls and ceilings
  • Minor cornice repairs
  • Minor architrave and skirting board repairs
  • Filling of cracks in walls and ceilings
  • End of lease make good works

If you require a minor patch and paint job or small filling job, as part of a mixed handyman To-Do List, we would perhaps recommend the City Handyman Pro Division.

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