The City Handyman Assembly Division

This sector of the City Handyman team by definition is the division responsible for putting together furniture pieces, or other items to form a complete, functional unit.

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This may involve using simple hand tools or compact cordless power tools to connect parts, fasten screws, and attach hinges. 

Members of this team require the technical skills and knowledge required to read and interpret assembly instructions, identify different types of materials/components, and hardware, and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the assembly process. The goal of a furniture assembly team is to build furniture that is sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, while also ensuring that it is safe, solid, and  assembled correctly.


Important points to note about this division are as follows:

  • This division is for Assembly only ( is limited to Furniture Assembly services), 
  • It is an entry level service
  • The team carry basic Assembly hand & cordless battery tools 
  • The team carry limited materials and consumables on-board 
  • The Assembly team may use scooters or bicycles as the transport mode depending on job location.  
  • Furniture Assemblers can assemble furniture but may not have the same skill-set and onboard Tools & Materials as team members from other Divisions (Eg. Handyman Pro).

Below is a list of just some of what we are able to assist with:

Flatpack Assembly

  • Ikea Assembly 
  • Freedom Assembly
  • Ebay Item Assembly
  • Amazon Item Assembly
  • Flat Pack Furniture Assembly
  • Flat Pack Assembly
  • Flat pack Shelving & Cabinet Assembly

Furniture Assembly

  • Wardrobe Assembly
  • Bed Assembly
  • Drawers Assembly
  • Dressers Assembly
  • Table Assembly
  • Dining Set Assembly
  • Chair Assembly
  • Desk Assembly
  • TV Unit Assembly 
  • Sofa Assembly

Outdoor Assembly

  • Garden Shed Assembly 
  • BBQ Assembly
  • Outdoor Furniture Assembly
  • Garage Storage Assembly

Kids equipments

  • Pram Assembly 
  • Kids Toys Assembly
  • Kids Play Equipment Assembly

Note: As there are so many items that are flat-packed and designed to be assembled, we are not able to list them all so send through your requirement and item and we can assist. 

If you require wall mounting installation of an item, tethering to wall, or dyna-bolting to ground services, we would recommend the City Handyman Pro Division for - Assembly and Installation. 

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