Drilling deeper into the 4 x City Handyman Divisions

Traditionally, City Handyman offered handyman services as a single broad offering, covering many multiples of services and job sizes at a single rate. 

After reviewing and completing tens of thousands of enquiries and jobs, certain job trends have emerged at City Handyman.


In response to these trends, City Handyman has now evolved into a business with it’s most popular traditional handyman service still at the core, the difference being that now, clients are able to access other common handyman services at varying price points, via formation of dedicated and specialized divisions. 

The divisions and a simple description of each division  is scattered throughout the site, so in this Workshop post, we aim to provide a little more detail in simple terms. Below are the 4 x divisions, building on, with a little more information.

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Pro:  A professional multi-skilled handyman who is skilled in a variety of repair, maintenance, and renovation tasks for both residential and commercial properties. They possess a wide range of knowledge and experience in multiple trades, such as minor carpentry, patch & paint, minor cabinetry, home repairs and installations, to name a few. A City Handyman Pro is able to complete a variety of projects with efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. They are highly valued for their ability to take on a range of tasks and complete them effectively, without the need for multiple tradespeople to be hired.

Assembly:  This division is for flat-pack or item style assembly only. The City Handyman  Assemblers in this division thrive on the process of unboxing, the laying out of the flat-pack or item components, they are a stickler for following the instructions step-by-step, they are hands-on and have basic tool knowledge and aptitude using a combination of hand and compact cordless tools. They enjoy the satisfaction of completing the assembly process from start to finish, and the reward of a satisfied client. This division focuses on assembly and offers a lower entry level price point. For this reason, the handyman related skill-set, knowledge, and experience of assemblers is not as broad as within other divisions.  On-board tool and materials capabilities are also more limited, in comparison to other divisions.   

Painting:  This division comprises painters and those whom have gained experience in the painting trade. They are very efficient and pay attention to detail. This division has the ability to undertake all aspects of painting from, preparation, cleaning where required, patching and gap filling, priming and undercoating, painting of surfaces, and multi-coat systems. City Handyman Painting can undertake both small and larger painting tasks. The division was formed in response to the need for a fast turn-around dedicated painting division for our clients.

Projects:  The Handy people of the Projects team have the same attributes as the City Handyman Pro team, that is, they have a wealth of knowledge, excellent problem solving abilities, and home renovation and/or trade experience. The difference being that the Pro team carry out a wider mix of tasks, as small as 15 minutes in duration, whereas the Projects team can carry out jobs of size up to small renovations, which my take days, weeks or up to 1-2 months to complete. 

We hope to assist you with things soon.

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