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Get Your Home or Business Ready For Winter

handyman for winter

handyman for winter

It is a great time of year. Crisp mornings and bright autumn sun. Shorter days = more time inside. Get your home or business ready for winter. City Handyman can tackle those jobs for you. Below are just a handful of jobs that City Handyman can assist with as we move towards winter. Find out everything else back at 

Draft Sealing

Keep the cold air out and warm air in, save energy. Contact City Handyman to discuss some options.


Leaves are falling. Get your gutters cleaned by us.

Door repairs

Front door not closing properly? With winter coming, that’s not good. Connect with us to get it sorted.

Patch & Paint

Get those cracks or that hole in the wall fixed. Don’t look at it anymore. Book now!


You braved IKEA, now you need it assembled before winter. We can do that.

Hang Pictures

Decorate your walls with art, with a mirror. City Handyman can hang it for you. Give us the details!