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About Us

Our Business

City Handyman was founded by Derek Hahn in 2011 which assist within residential, commercial and real estate business from the City of Melbourne. We travel by scooter, bicycle and ute to anywhere in Melbourne’s CBD or 15km radius from St Kilda. We can accomplish any job acquired within a quick and reliable timeframe.

We’re passionate about all tasks hands on and we take pride in creating quality work for your service. We’re dedicated to providing the best, honest, service to Melbournians to ensure you receive the best out of our services.

Making sure the safety of our workers completing services, we have a current Workcover policy. As well as a $20 million public liability insurance policy in which follow by current work safe standards. Safety is our number one priority when proceeding with in their work environments.

Services We Don’t Do

Services not offered by our business are as follows: plumbing, electrical work, large tiling jobs, carpet installation and gutter cleaning at heights. 

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